It’s great to be 8!!!!

Hey Everyone! I’m sorry I have been gone for so long. This is what has happened. I had a beautiful baby boy in September. After that you have a lot of Holiday fun stuff. After the Holiday we took our kids to Disneyland and when we got back my husband lost his job to a buy out. So to say the least we have been a little busy. Luckily for us my husband found and started a job 2 weeks after he lost his job so he is now somewhere that he absolutely loves! So the reason I told you this is because When my daughter turned 8 I really had to figure out how to do it with a ZERO budget. So here we go.

My daughter turned 8 and in our faith you are the privilege to be baptized. So my awesome little girl made the choice to be baptized.


This is my dress from when I was baptized. She loved it and it has that vintage flare that is in right now. I lucked out there.


Now here you have it! These were the table decorations. The door store frames were wood. I could of painted them but with all the stress at the time we kept it simple and cute. The mini picture holders were in a pack of 4 for 2.99 at hobby lobby and we had 4 tables to it was perfect. I cut the flowers out with a cricket machine that my mom has. The paper for the whole decorations for the party was 7.99. I bought it at a scrapbook warehouse.


I absolutely love this banner. This is NOT my idea. I found it on pinterest. This is a printable party set. I didn’t have a printer that worked at the moment and didn’t have money to fix it so I had to make it from the pack of paper that I bought. My mom’s cricket machine saved my life. It turned out even better than I thought.


Here is it up close so you can see it’s layered.


Dessert! I got donuts and made them into 8s. I made it pretty simple with cupcakes, cake, pudding cups, and cake bites. the glitter 8 was .50 cents because the stick was broken. It was an easy fix.


I love the cake bites. I had a flower cupcake tin and it made all these cute flowers. The glaze is just powder sugar, milk, and vanilla. Add a little food coloring and you have different color frosting to eat with your cake.

The other big money saver is all the help I got from my family.They were such a huge help in a crappy and wonderful time. We had such an amazing time celebrating my daughter and I hope you enjoy.

Disney must have!

So I took my kids to Disneyland recently and it was the first time to take a 4 month old baby! I know I’m crazy. I got a lot of compliments on the burp cloths I made him.


My mom had made me lots of these cloth diaper burp cloths before my son before he was born and I love them! They clean up everything and my son spits up a ton! So with everyone asking me where to get them I’ve decided to sell them. If you are interested please contact me @!
The price is 3 for $18 plus shipping. More prints will be up soon! Please tell your friends. This would be great for a baby shower! Payments will be received through PayPal.